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Weed Control

We provide Weed control and removal services throughout Torfaen, Newport, Monmouthshire, Caerphilly and Cardiff.

Weeds can grow in between pavements, carparks and at the roadside, reproducing quickly and aggressively causing damage to drains, pavement and road surfaces if not kept under control. The only way to tackle this is by spraying weed killer regularly.  
In addition to our normal  cleaning schedule, weed spraying programme begins in spring, usually around March or April. Our specialist team carries out an initial spray which is followed by further treatments in summer and autumn to limit weed growth.
Using a suitable weedkiller that won’t harm pets or the environment, weeds are sprayed providing the weather is not wet or windy. Conditions should be dry and calm when spraying the weed killer but wet weather may delay the treatment and make it less effective in some areas.
Weed growth is usually affected by the weather with warm, damp conditions creating a surge. After the weed killer has been sprayed, it can take a few weeks to take effect. Weeds will eventually ‘die-back’ and the residue is removed through our routine scheduled cleaning. For more information on any of our services, enquire now call our team on 01633 872978

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