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Moss Removal

We provide Moss removal services throughout Torfaen, Newport, Monmouthshire, Caerphilly and Cardiff.

Moss is a real problem, not only for roofs but for walkways, paths walls and any surface that gets damp or wet. Leaving moss growing on your roof will add substantial weight to the roof, damage the tiles and look very unsightly - this can also reduce the value of your property.
Spotless cleaning are experts at removing moss from all surfaces. We can treat the moss to ensure in doesn't regrow for many years. Our moss treatment and removal services are second to none in our field as we do not use power washers which can lift off pain, ruin finished concrete surfaces and even break tiles and slates. We apply chemicals with a very low pressure applicator and allow the product to do its work after the application, the moss will die back and disappear. For more information about having us remove the moss from your premises, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01633 872978

moss removal before moss removal after