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Solar Panel Cleaning

SP1Spotless Cleaning provide Solar panel cleaning throughout South Wales.

Did you know that recent research has shown that dirty solar panels can effect their efficiency by as much as 50%?

Therefore it’s very important to keep your solar panels clean to maintain their maximum output. Without regular cleaning once or twice a year they will soon become dirty and their output will reduce significantly. Because solar panels are exposed to the elements, just like windows they can be prone to getting dirty and covered in bird droppings, dirt, dust and other types of residue that can accumulate on their surface. In fact, due to your solar panels facing upwards, they are more prone to these effects.

Regular cleaning is the only way to ensure that you can maintain the optimum effectiveness of your solar panels. When solar panels are cleaned regularly the benefits become obvious. The more electricity produced by your solar panels, the less you pay your energy provider. During the Summer months, when solar panel systems generate the most power, it’s particularly important to keep them clean.

We provide domestic, commercial and housing associations with Solar panel cleaning services to help maintain their optimum productivity.

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