Gutter Cleaning

Blocked and overflowing gutters aren’t just unsightly – they could be damaging to your home!

Act now to protect your home before the damage occurs! Spotless can make sure your gutters work properly and that the rainwater is being taken away from the building.

We know the importance of regular gutter maintenance, but we have also seen how awkward it can be to reach some areas on modern buildings. Design features that are visually stunning can often block ladder access, and gutters above conservatory roofs are sometimes completely beyond reach – but we have a solution!

Our ‘GutterVac’ system uses a specially modified, industrial-strength wet vac system, along with lightweight carbon-fibre vacuum poles to reach up and into your gutters and suck the debris out. A wireless camera mounted on top of the pole lets the operator see the cleaning as it progresses so we can be sure nothing gets missed.

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